Monday, May 28, 2012

Mystic Critters

My friend Dan has a Rap outfit he calls Mystic Hipsters. That was part of the inspiration for the name for this show. Come to think of it, Dan is kind of a critter. Speaking of critters, there's a bear taking pictures of the wildlife, but honestly Bigfoot is having a bad hair day. In fact he's singing a rambling blues balled about it to the apples swinging in the trees. I'd like to address the question of what kind of toothpaste beavers use, but I was warned against such nonsense. I had a dream about a cat in a coonskin cap in a canoe, and don't let anyone tell you that dreams don't come true.
I hope you like the paintings and things I've been working so hard on for a couple months now. The totem pole is almost done and there are about 30 new 3D paintings for your thirsty little eyeballs. Come by and I'll tell you a story. @Screaming Sky Gallery Opening May 31st, 5-9 pm Show runs May 31st to June 24th 2012

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